Simple Woodworking Plans
About Jim McDonald
Dear fellow woodworking enthusiast!
Welcome to my site and I hope you'll have a great time downloading my plans and reading the tips I've written for you.

A little about me:

As you know, my name is Jim McDonald and I'm the founder/owner of I forgot to mention that most of these plans are free.

I started this site to share my passion for woodworking - offering free plans and advice to aspiring craftsmen.

I've been building stuff for close to 40 years now and woodworking is my passion.
I started learning woodworking from my granddad when I was 11 and I've never stopped since. He taught me everything I knew and together, we built all the furniture around the house. Many of the projects we've built are still present in my house.

Woodworking has been a career and a passion for me and I consider myself fortunate to be doing what I love for a living. These days, I run a workshop conducting classes and building custom projects for clients.

This site serves as a "journal" as well as a "giveaway" for all the plans and knowledge I've amassed throughout my life. It would be a shame if it goes into the grave with me.
So go ahead and explore my site, download my free plans, read my articles and I hope you'll gain some new insights!

Your fellow woodworker,
Simple Woodworking Plans
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